Content and Creative Partnerships at Blinkist

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Our awesome features

Are you a publisher or author and have discovered your titles on Blinkist? Reach out to us!

While the Blinks we create are works of their own, we are constantly working on increasing the number of publishers and authors we collaborate with. We want you to participate in our success!

Here's what we can offer you:


We fuel the discovery of your books by curating and personalizing our content, putting them in front of a new, targeted audience.

Earn $$

Receive an immediate and steady revenue stream from Blinks for your titles.

Get Insights

We can provide insights on the people consuming the Blinks to your books.

Other Benefits

Have your titles featured in our newsletters- an additional audience of 500,00+ recipients. Free marketing!

No Fuss

Our partner agreements are lightweight and low maintenance-making things easier for you.

Get in touch with us!

Contact our Content Partnerships team at or through the form below.