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We value authors.

Blinkist excels at connecting people with ideas from the world's best authors, thought leaders, and experts. Authors are a key part of our success, and we're working to keep them at the fore of our product.

More reach. Less work.

Tap into your book's true potential:

Help book lovers discover your work

Whether it's your latest release or a backlist title, Blinks can help introduce your books to our knowledge-hungry audience.

Raise your profile

Features such as author profile pages and daily content recommendations can expose you to a targeted audience.

Promote sales

Every Blink includes a link for customers to purchase the full book, and we can explore options to use you original book cover.

Free marketing

We fuel discovery by curating and personalizing our content, and promoting Blinks in-app and via our weekly newsletter.

Earn money

We're building new opportunities for authors to collaborate with us and earn revenue.

Are you an author and would like to see your book blinked?

We feature nonfiction books in 27 categories to help people grow professionally and personally.

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What our partners say

Join 100+ happy partners worldwide who are already collaborating with us.

"We are so excited that 'Workstyle' is on Blinkist! Not only is it great for bite-size understanding of books, it’s also accessible for those whom a whole book (albeit an entertaining, powerful, exciting read!) is just too much. As a long-time fan, this means a huge amount."

Lizzie Penny
Author & CEO

"This has been just as fun of a partnership for us. We love the platform and it's mission, plus everyone that we have interacted with is wonderful!"

The Freemans
Authors, Co-founders, & Podcast hosts

"Blinkist is a double-threat: they deliver great value to their audience and are an excellent partner to authors. They’ve helped me reach a dedicated audience of people who are driven to learn, grow and build their capacity. They’ve also done excellent work showcasing the essential learnings from my books, and often propose new, interesting ways to collaborate."

Robert Glazer
Author & CEO

"I've enjoyed my partnership with Blinkist and look forward to continuing to build on our relationship."

Tanveer Naseer
Author, Speaker & Podcast host

Want to get involved?

Get in touch! If you're an author interested in collaborating or you have a question, contact our Content Partnerships team by filling out the following form: